Glass Splash Backs form a new trend suiting your lifestyle and the look of your kitchen.   Glass is a surface which is durable, beautiful, colourful and easy to clean.  Glass Splashbacks are safe, affordable and have a reflective nature that creates a feeling of depth, light and space in your kitchen.  These can be installed easily on a neat brick work, existing tiles, plaster board, fibre board, MDF – any surface that is reasonably smooth, flat, and free from protrusions.  




Splash Backs gives you a new look for your dream kitchen

Glass Splash Back
Stone Splashback
Splash wall panel - Reflections

Stone splashback is a perfect match along with your stone benchtops to give your kitchen a natural look and also gives you the option to have the same colour of splashback as that of your benchtop. 


Splash Back from Reflections which is a sandwich style between aluminium and acryl which resists heat behind the cooktops and also gives you a perfect seemless shiny look with a contemporary colour range.  With the new additions joining the colour range you can definitely find one cost effective solution to suit your kitchen.